Mr. Art Riggs is coming to UK

Mr. Art Riggs, a massage therapist from the USA, with many years experience as an instructor all over the world, is coming to the UK again!
I attended one of his Deep Tissue Massage classes in Edinburgh in 2010. After taking his course, my treatment technique as well as my attitude to massage has dramatically improved.
He is the one of the most respected therapists in his field.

Deep Tissue Massage is a very efficient treatment for stiffness in the shoulders and lower back ache suffered by desk workers who use computers and keep the same posture all day. It is also useful for joggers who have tension in their hamstrings, calves and IT band.

At the treatment stage, I would check the muscle condition by observing and touching and then gradually massaging deeper and deeper. Many clients say that they feel much lighter as if some heavy weight was removed. Many also say that they never feel any soreness after the treatment even the next day.

I will be attending Art’s 3 day Deep Tissue Massage course for the lower body in March 2012, I intend to learn as much as I can and provide many new massage techniques for all of you.

Art Riggs

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