James Wong workshop

Took a workshop of “Incredible edible” by James Wong at Chelsea Physic Garden on Sunday.
He is a chemist and botanist and a famous of making a BBC program “Grow your own drug”.
He lectured interesting exotic vegetables which I never seen such as Yakon from New Zealand.

He has a Chinese back grounded, some stories are related East Asia, for instance about sweet potatoes, which my home town is famous for the agriculture of it, the symbol of the city is designed by three leaves of sweet potatoes. I imagined some dishes and sweets of sweet potatoes.

チェルシーフィジックガーデンで行われたジェイムズ・ウォングの講演「Incredible edible」に行ってきました。
彼は化学者兼ボタニストで、植物から手作りの薬(決して怪しい物ではありません)を作る方法を教えてくれる番組「Grow your own drugs」をBBCでプレゼンターをしていました。

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