Noriko Flanagan, IFA, AOR, ITEC, AEAJ,

Noriko is originally from Japan and is fully qualified in Aromatherapy (IFA) and Reflexology (ITEC & AOR). Since first arriving to study Art History in England in 1995, she has pursued an interest in natural therapies

As a successful graduate from the prestigious Raworth International College, Noriko has studied and expanded her horizons in several kinds of natural therapy

She has had five years experience as an instructor of Aromatherapy as well as Dr. Bach Flower Remedies in Tokyo

Her healing technique starts with her expert client consultation to assess the best holistic approach. Then, she puts all the years of massage experience into improving the vitality and wellbeing of her clients through her healing hands as she strives to enhance the balance of Body, Mind and Spirit

For Aromatherapy, Noriko knows that there is an art to blending essential oils for the particular needs of individual clients

Similarly, her knowledge of Reflexology brings about an exceptional level of client satisfaction. As many of her clients have said how relieved and relaxed they have felt after a session

Noriko has been working at Chi Yu Wellness Centre in Maryleborne since 2009. And she quolified as the International Federation of Aromatherapy Assistant Teacher in 2011.

IFA International Federation of Aromatherapist
AOR Association of Reflexology
Chi Yu Wellness Centre
Healing Herbs Dr. Bach Flower Remedies